Radio Quarantine – NU URBAN JAZZ – Trip Hop, Electronica, Breaks Jazz House


I’m going to just assume that there’s somewhere on the site for Italian label IRMA RECORDS that you can purchase this collection. I couldn’t actually find this release, but what I did find was a collection of some of the best album art I’ve seen in years, so you’ve got that. That’s one thing about the Italians: Whatever it is they are up to they can make it seem like the coolest shit in the world, with the exception perhaps of all things Vatican. Sorry, but I’ll take music over Catholicism any day, but that’s me. You do you.

The upside for those who aren’t visually stimulated by retro-Euro aesthetics is that they can make it sound like the coolest shit in the world too. So hats off to Italy… semi-kidding here. This is a deadly collection of semi-chill and urban beats. It seems to be a label anthology including cuts from what appears to be a pretty varied stable. It’s a mood too, and it’s perfect for summer heat when you want to be up and moving but not jumping about like an frenzied asshole. Give it a try. It’s free while it lasts on Youtube. You can’t beat free.

Where to go… time has slowed a bit for now and I feel like I’m back in the moment, not watching the world rush past. No, not the world really, is it? It doesn’t feel like time is rushing by. It was getting like that just a couple weeks ago, wake up on Monday to start a week and then go to sleep and it’s another month gone. That’s not so frightening when you’re twenty. Try that when you’re over fifty. It’s like a sense of impending doom. Nobody wants to live forever but how many people are okay with snuffing it tomorrow. You know what I mean? You fall into a routine, but routines don’t always mean so much. I don’t truly believe that it’s any old routine that gives life a sense of meaning. I don’t even believe that this meaning thing we’re always looking for is real, but that’s another story for another day.

That’s not me slipping into nihilism, by the way. Letting go of the insistence on meaning is liberating. It opens you up to just plain being. Meaning will find you if you sit still long enough.

What does it all mean to me then? I’m not sure, but I suspect it just has to do with not placing ourselves at the center of The Universe, and being kind to people. Just be kind.

Be kind.

Oh, and listen to cool music while you do that. Share the music. Smile a lot. Fist bump people in a low key way. Don’t high-five unless you mean it, and don’t let others high-five you unless you think they mean it.

This is me slipping into aging, pseudo-hepcat zen. Everything is everything, man. You can see I’m in a mood. It’s a good one. I’m laughing, just in case you can’t see that. I’m enjoying this mix. Now I’m going to wash my ass and the rest of me and go to work.


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