Pandemic Radio: Uncharted Space – Sovietwave Mix | Futurewave Mix | Retrowave Mix (2021 Mix)

The tracks are starting to sound too familiar. Maybe the whole Sovietwave genre is too limited, but just maybe this is how it felt for the old Soviets. Hard call. Sometimes I wonder if it was oppression that led to the fall, but what’s more oppressive than boredom? What’s worse than the same expectations for every single day? Or rather the lack of new expectations for every single day? You wake up and go to work and see the same people and have the same conversations and you come home to the same four walls. Of course this is all conjecture. I’ve no real idea how it was in the old Soviet Union. I’m told by Americans that it was horrid and bleak but those same Americans never seemed so happy themselves. They remained convinced, mostly by their own mantras, that this was the best place in the world to be. Like if you say it often enough it becomes true, but we know that’s not really how it works.

Or it could just be that all the people caught up on the Sovietwave hauntological nostalgia trip are listening to the same stuff.

The same stuff.

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