Radio Dystopia: Pigface – Easy Listening For Difficult Fuckheads (2003)

I’ve been called a difficult fuckhead (and other things). Maybe that’s why this goes down so easily. Maybe that’s why it works so well for me, this PIGFACE, another Ministry offshoot. There’s probably some truth in the name-calling. I was never an easy person and if anything I’ve only gotten harder to deal with. I don’t know. People always told me just to be myself. That might have been really shitty advice. I’ve many fewer friends since I found out who I really was and decided that yes, being oneself is a fucking banger of an idea!

Too late.

Anyway, Pigface feels right, right now.

Fuck it. At least I’m happy. Someone ought to be, no? And the music is good. Music is a lot more fund when you listen to what you enjoy and not just what you want to be seen and heard listening to so you fit in. Take my word for that. This album, for example, is a fucking blast. Don’t get it twisted though. There’s nothing “easy listening” about it, not in any traditional sense. This could make your ears bleed. It will tear up your brain at the right volume. You probably need that. Don’t be such a bitchass. Turn it up.

Turn it up.

That’s all I got for now.

Turn it up. Turn this up.

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