Radio Quarantine: More Machine Than Man – Robot (2000) 

Hell, I would have clicked on MORE MACHINE THAN MAN based on the name alone. You know that by now That juxtaposition is always enough to pique by interest. You should know that by now. The question for me will always be, of what’s left of man, what parts are they? And what parts are machine? And of course, what’s the fucking difference? I guess that depends on your definition of man, or human. Or if you even know.

More Machine Than Man 2012 Dark Matter

So yah, I clicked it. No disappointments.

I wonder just exactly when and where industrial became not just more palatable to me, but desirable. Somewhere along through time it just made more sense to me. Maybe it’s just a more recent awareness of what it is that I’m looking at when I leave the house in the morning, or turn on the television. It’s not that I ever disliked it. It just didn’t move me the way it does now. It could be devolution, evolution, or revolution but something changed. It just makes more sense to me. I do think it has to do with my awareness that this is a reflection of the world.

Or not.

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