Radio Quarantine: Lords of Acid – Heaven Is An Orgasm (1998)

Deep into the second half of the week now and working hard to keep the energy up. It’s easy to fall behind on shit so with no motivation to work with you just have to go with momentum. That’s usually enough. It doesn’t feel good but it gets you by. You dig? We’re just running on caffeine and balls at this point. It’s going to be okay.

LORDS OF ACID is another act that for whatever stupid reason, I ignored back in the day. This album is a compilation of b-sides an outtakes that may or may not be representative of how they roll. Whatever. It moves me this morning. It’s the right vibe. They’ve got me for today.

I feel like I’ve been running for weeks with very little time to pause. I’m worn. It’s time to stop for a bit and do what I do best.


I’m looking forward to a weekend of as little as possible. It’s time to reboot and charge the battery. No complaints about my life. None at all. Sometimes you just have to stop and sit though. Just sit. Nothing else.

Just sit still with yourself. Not everyone can do that. Most people have some fear that keeps them running. You have to be able to just sit.

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