Radio Quarantine: B-Ton-K – 2nd Vactor (1999)

No idea who Karl Kimmerl/B-Ton-K is or was. This album is now about 22 years old. There was a lot going on in my apparently vast blind spots back there in the 90s. Then again, if you’ve been following this space for more than a week or so then I don’t have to explain why 2nd Vactor made it here. It’s just the mood, you know? It’s just the mood. There are regular themes here at Radio Quarantine. B-Ton-K fits into that.

I’m annoyed today. It seems that every time I spend time with anyone socially they turn up in the next week with Covid-19 and then it’s off to yet another round of tests. So far so good with negative results but it’s grown tiresome. You can’t get mad at someone for getting sick during a pandemic. That’s not the point. It’s just annoyance with the whole thing. It’s the length of time spent in uncertainty and while I’m better with giving it to The Universe than the average person, I’m no more immune to these anxieties than I am to the virus itself. I’m limiting my social interactions, which frankly are already pretty limited. The limitations haven’t prevented exposure, but that should exhibit just how contagious the virus is. How long before everyone has been exposed to one variant or another? I’m tired of this shit.


But here we go into another round.

There are other factors that are more informing these morning missives though. We’ll get into those as weeks move on. You can get a good idea of what they are by checking out the skyline of the city here. Up and up and up they go. They’re stealing the sky and what happens to all of us down here at ground level when we can no longer afford the sky? What happens when they’ve put everyone below 40 stories in permanent shadow, where puddles and grime never dry and sickness festers? This isn’t science fiction. There are now parts of blocks all over Manhattan that don’t receive sunlight for more than an hour a day. Think about that.

Just think about that.

What are we doing? Who will live 100 stories up or is that even the point? Maybe that was said when they started erecting residential buildings over five or six stories. I don’t know. But now? How long would it take from 80 stories up just to reach the sidewalk level and will there be anything worth even going down to sidewalk level for? I just don’t know. Who are these people anyway? I have questions.

So… yes, there will be more.

That’s the mood for now.

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