Small Screen Quarantine: Clock-DVA – Kinetic Engineering Complete (1993)

I’m not sure that this video release by CLOCK-DVA may not be better suited for Radio Quarantine as the strobing video footage is fairly unexceptional without the music, at least by modern standards. What the fuck though? What are modern standards anyway? And the artist did release it as an audio-visual experience so maybe it’s best experienced that way. Any artist is owed that much respect, right? The music is also pretty exceptional so it may even be better with the video accompaniment. I’m not going to make that call until I’ve gone through it fully, in that respect, at last a couple times.

Let’s leave it with this. I may or may not revisit this one but for now, it’s a hell of a ride. There is a warning by the way that it may trigger seizures in people prone to such things.

So with that…

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