Radio Quarantine: Panzer AG – This Is My Battlefield (2004) 

There is no good reason that my mood and vibe should be so aggro this morning but this is what fit the bill for the morning soundtrack. I’m also always leery of Nazi references though I suppose “Panzer” wasn’t always associated with mid-20th century tank battalions. It is what comes to mind though if you ask most people so I approached PANZER AG with caution. They may have knowingly used that reference to signify the aggression of the music. Who knows? Who really cares? It’s music. It doesn’t seem to have any blatant fascist tendencies. Let’s just get on with it as is.

It still stands though that there is no identifiable reason that these sounds should be the ones that capture my… my mood… this morning. Maybe something dark is lurking in a blind spot. That’s always possible, especially in these long months of Covidian horror. It’s contagious and debilitating and I don’t mean the virus itself. Enough said. I’m wearied of discussing it. I’m tired of feeling a rush of anger when I see people on the train unmasked and casual, or with the mask below their nose and so on, and that does happen every single time. There is anger every time someone chimes in with yet another conspiracy. There is just… anger. So it probably does make sense that this Panzer AG vibe is never so far off.

At the same time that’s not the sum total of these days. That’s where we get into the old fable about the two wolves fighting inside each of us. Which one wins? The one that we feed.

Deep breath.

Feed the other wolf.

Feed the other wolf.


Steady now.


Not that I’m about to take the music off and play Shiny Happy People.

So yes. Wedding today, and that is a happy moment. It’s a bright spot of positivity in these weird times. Suit up and show up and bring further positivity. Just bring it.

Just bring it.

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