Radio Quarantine: Dark Techno / Cyberpunk / Industrial Mix ‘DAMNATION’ | Dark Electro Music

Not quite time to change the name of these daily entries to World War III Broadcasting Company, but maybe soon. I’ve mostly avoided the news today but it’s coming in over the transom. This is an all out invasion in Ukraine and there are already heavy casualties, both civilian and military. The Russians, for some as of yet unknown reason, captured and occupied the nuclear facility in Chernobyl, deep in the Exclusion Zone. It seemed to be an intentional target so no doubt there is something ridiculously ugly afoot. Not that I’m necessarily in love with the government of Ukraine but at least we can talk to them. Maybe that’s the whole problem Putin has with them. I don’t know. All this geopolitical drama is way above my paygrade. I’m willing to find it a soundtrack though, so just when you though the pandemic airwaves got dark, here comes World War III.

News at 6, motherfuckers! News all day, actually but that’s what the internet is for. It’s a tool they use to keep us frightened all fucking day.

Well done, lads. I’m scared. Thanks.

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