World War III Radio: Pain Teens – S/T(1988)(Noise Rock)(No Wave)(Indie)(Industrial)

Oooh, good morning! Good morning to you!

Not going to say that Pain Teens is easy listening, but you wouldn’t have come to expect that here, would you? It is what it is. But what is it? Noise? No Wave? Industrial? Any of the tags would fit, really. It’s mostly just aggression. That is a suitable tag.


It’s an aggressive world though so this is almost just a response. It’s from 1988 but what has really changed since then?

Too many distraction today to write anything meaningful. I’ll be on the plane in a few hours and headed out for Chi-town. It’s been a while.

It’s been a while.

I’m feeling a little squirrelly and can’t really place the cause. I think it’s just because it’s going to be people-y, but that was going to happen sooner or later. It’s been difficult to get used to the return to throngs. It’s been more difficult that I expected it to be. A man will learn a lot about himself if he listens to the silence, and there was a lot more silence after things shut down back in March 2020. None of it is necessarily a bad thing. You listen and learn. In this case, I learned that who I am hasn’t always been aligned with how I live.

So what do you do? Change? Sure I am ready for that but the circumstances are still prohibitive.




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