World War III Radio: Lance’s Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 137(Trip Hop / Downtempo / Electronica / Chill Out)

My man Lance has been doing this forever now. This mix itself was put up on Youtube three years ago. That is a lifetime in Covid-19 years and… well, I was going to mention the war but who is paying attention to that anymore unless they have a vested interest in Ukraine. My guess, based on little more than a knowledge of the trajectory of human stupidity, is that there will be further European escalation… and then the U.S. for better or for worse gets into it… and well, you get the picture. War on a global scale is inevitable. The only things still up for question is where the final trigger will be. It could very easily be Ukraine, or anywhere in Eastern Europe. We’re showing no signs of getting any smarter and it would take some big movement involving an expansion or even and explosion of human consciousness to stop the nonsense.

Do you see that happening?

No, I don’t either, so…

This is a good time for the expanded use of gratuitous ellipses. It’s hard enough to finish a random thought, let alone any comprehensive, geopolitical treatise.

So we dance, because this is so much bigger than any or all of us. Stupidity has gravity and momentum.

I’m feeling “some kinda way” about getting on a plane and leaving town tomorrow morning. I don’t travel as much as I used to. Is this my usual or could it be some special concern that I have hiding in one of my blind spots? I’m really not sure, to be honest. Am I always like this?

I don’t think so. If memory serves, and I think it does, I usually get squirrelly if I don’t travel. Like my world gets wonky if I stand in one place for too long. That’s what memory tells me, anyway. What’s memory though? Memory fades and shifts and changes. It’s a tricky little fucker. I do seem to remember that even the prospect of getting out for a short time brought relief.

Seem to remember…

Let’s stick with the music. More will be revealed, or it won’t be. What feels like an omen today may reveal itself tomorrow to be nothing more than a case of nerves. Memory tells me that things like that happen as well. Wait and see. One day at a time. Blah blah fucking blah.

Track Listing:

  • 1. CALMDOWN – All is pretty in Berlin
  • 2. Tracing Arcs – So Beautiful(Mirror,Mirror Mix) – 4:38
  • 3. 12 Rounds – Pleasant Smell – 12:10
  • 4. Mr. Moods – Slowly but… surely(ft. Vanwho) – 16:23
  • 5. Red Giant – Pray(ft. Mohna) – 20:19
  • 6. 610 SAARi – I Heard The Voice – 24:40
  • 7. Ogi feel the Beat – Supler slam – 29:00
  • 8. Al’Tarba – I Hear You – 32:13
  • 9. ØDYSSEE – World is – 35:10
  • 10. Dirty Art Club – Liquor And Acid – 37:39
  • 11. Cinephile – Skin – 39:25
  • 12. Sensza – Faith – 44:44
  • 13. Amentia – Miracle D’Hwange – 48:37
  • 14. Definition(ft. Pete Josef) – Caught Out(Gabriel Ananda Remix) – 57:53
  • 15. Yovenek – play – 1:06:37

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