World War III Radio: InI ~ Center of Attention (1995)

Best hip hop album I never heard before this morning. No joke. It’s just straight up an incredible album that for whatever reason has only existed on the fringe of the genre. The record company got it recorded and then shelved it. You have to wonder how many other incredible works of art sit in their dustbins, the victims of corporate politics and bad decisions and dodgy taste. This album is a stone cold killer.

Not much to say this morning, coming in off a steamy, tropical, early summer weekend. They’re going to start coming down like that from about this point in. It could be a great summer. It could be the worst. It’s too early to make the call and I’m not going to jinx shit in advance by making any grand (or even minor) proclamations. I can’t get a bead on it yet. There’s all kinds of weird shit bouncing around right now out in The Universe. There’s a lot of strange energy and people are not going to be predictable. The only thing that I know is that I don’t know.

I just don’t know.

But I’m going to take special care of my own condition. There’s a lot of shit we have no say on, but there is a bit of agency over our personal things. A little bit. Not a lot. It’s there though. Just a bit. Focus on that to pass the time and there’s a better chance you’ll come out the other side with no scars. No more than you already have, anyway.

And hell, I’m giving you the soundtrack. You don’t even have to do that.

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