World War III Radio: The Best of Modern Urban Jazz vol 2 (May 23, 2022 Mix)

I’ve banged up these mixes before, this Italo-Pop, Jazzy, semi-Funky, Groovy, 70s-ish, Soundtracky things. They’re not quite Muzak. They hit too genuine for that label, but they occupy the same kind of space, somewhere between the background and right here and now. It’s definitely too cool for background but, in the case of this one, not quite trip-hop. You’re not going to get lost in it. It’s like a silk kimono. It covers everything but never really touches anything. Does that make sense? It’s going to have to. This is what I’ve got today. I hope you enjoy it. You may as well. This whole thing could be over tomorrow. Or you could get Monkeypox!

Oh sorry! Did I scare you? Yah, sure you are not really quite getting over Covid-19 and you don’t know whether you should just say fuck it and take off your mask and take it as it comes. Then this other rotten, blistery mess hits the headlines. Tell you what though. Hang onto all that hand sanitizer and be careful about touching your face with unwashed hands. Fucking monkeypox!

And you may want to pay at least a little mind to what that scumbag Vladimir Putin is saying in his press releases. Not what most of us speak Russian and can fully, 100% trust the translator.

Sowing seeds of discontent this morning! What’s wrong with me?

Nothing. I’m just having some fun with the state of powerlessness. That’s what it’s all about. Even the bullshit is piled so high that it’s got its own gravitational pull. It’s impossible to fully know what’s what so we’re all either going on the most and least likely scenarios, OR, we’re approaching it all in a religious fashion and latching onto some figurehead that we will trust implicitly to tell the truth and guide us. Left wing. Right wing. No wings at all. All these wings and none of us can fly.




Not sorry. It’s all just shits and giggles. I need to get right with little Baby Jesus before I head off into the world today. It’s going to be nothing but trouble otherwise.

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