World War III Radio: Return to the Mind – The Stream of Consciousness (A Trip Hop / illbient Beat Mix) (April 2021)

As the above image may suggest, this mix may have you confronting your shadow self. It’s a different sort of journey. It’s not the oozy, mellow, flower-power sort of trip-hop. It’s going deeper and darker, and why not? The world is going deeper and darker. Let’s get real for a minute. It’s fucking strange out there. We just lost millions of people worldwide to this corona virus, and with very little thought or reflection, people are scrambling back to The Matrix. Please numb me. Anesthetize me. Put me back to sleep. I’m done with reality. I’m not even going to give a fuck about Ukraine anymore. It’s their time for reality right now. And so on… People are running up each other’s backs to get back into the simulation.

And to be fair, The Matrix is a lot more peaceful.

But anyway, it’s not that this mix is pretty in any conventional sense. It’s beautiful, but not pretty. You get what I mean? Yes? No? Okay, whatever, it’s what I’m tripping on today. You can share or you can move on. I’ll be here if you have any questions. But let’s just say that you’re doing yourself no favors by avoiding your demons and dark thoughts. They’re coming out in one way or another no matter how you push them back or try to hide them away. How you deal with that is between you and them.

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