World War III Radio: YALDA – TAVALLODI DIGAR (July 8, 2022)

Dateline Genoa, July 2022… These guys are crushing it out here with this shit, for real! Another genre bender, but I guess that’s what my Youtube algorithm is serving up after a couple years of this mess I do most mornings. What is this today? Who is Yalda? Dark Ambient? Industrial? Electronic? North African? Middle Eastern? Italian? Hell, I don’t know. It’s two people from Genoa, Italy making a beautiful racket. I’m grateful to be on the receiving end, but I do recommend playing on a larger system so you can catch the full impact of the deep bottom. You lose some of the power on tiny speakers. This one really needs the depth.

The heat broke on the overnight between Monday and Tuesday. That’s not to say that it got cool. Just cooler than it was. It’s weird in New York when 85F feels like a crisp, Spring morning. Whatever. I’ll take it. The heat was starting to make me wonky, and the summer rot may have left me sick. Something is going on. It may pass on its own but if it doesn’t in the next few hours it may be a good idea to go get the vampires to look in on my innards. Something is not quite right. It could just be a question of “done with this shit.” I don’t know. Something isn’t working correctly.

Enough on that, for now.

Enough on this. You’ve got the music. Enjoy. Turn it up.

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