World War III Radio: japanese e-school abstract breakbeat mix by bochensky (August 2021)

I’ve no idea what e-school might refer to. Maybe it’s some kind of genre reference, or a generational code word? No clue. Don’t care all that much. It’s all good. The mix is dark and deadly. Death by turntable. I’ll take it. This Bochensky character can throw down.

It didn’t seem likely only a few days ago but I’ve made it to Friday! Okay, not that there was a reason to believe that Friday wouldn’t come for me, but had the heat lasted, who would have wanted to make it. Just fucking shoot me, okay? Just do it.

It’s been a rough week physically and emotionally. Maybe spiritually too. The Crocodiles would have told me that I’m not spiritually fit and that I needed to take action.

Deep breath and long pause.


So it’s just a question of making it through this day and then there’s a couple days off. Some kind of reboot is in order. What form that might take is still unclear but I’ll get it sorted. I’m just tired. The Crocodiles are right though. I’ll concede that. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Figure it out and make it different. Going into next week with a hangover from this week just can’t happen.

Figure it out.

Turn up the music and move.

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