World War III Radio: Lance’s Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 254(Trip Hop / Downtempo / Electronica / Chill Out)

This is the thing. It’s not that anyone really expects the bombs to start falling, at least not in places where they aren’t already. It’s just that as days go by, it would come as less of a surprise. Nobody would bug the fuck out if they did, and start asking why. There would definitely be the question of who, but not why. We’ve all just accepted that it could very well begin at any time. That’s just the nature of fear. You live with it so long that it becomes the norm.

Normalized is the word you hear all the time now. Don’t let this or that be normalized. Let’s normalize this. Let’s not normalize that. Anything can be normalized. The same lie gets told often enough that everyone forgets that it was never true to begin with. Get enough people doing something or another on a regular basis that everyone forgets how pointless or downright fucked up it is.


So yes, World War III Radio, from here in the bunker. I’m just trying to keep the beats going to keep myself going to keep… to keep myself distracted while waiting for what can’t happen here to happen here. It’s just a matter of time. If it can happen there, then it can happen here. Don’t get it twisted. Anything there can happen here. It’s just a matter of time. Just a matter of… Matter…

And nobody is going to be surprised. Not truly. There will be some make-believe surprise. But nobody truly believes that we are above it or beyond it, or that we don’t deserve it.

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