World War III Radio: CECIL – CINEMA SCOPE (2003)

More J-Pop. I couldn’t tell you why sometimes why somethings just hit right for the day, but not other days. It’s just a feel. The reason is as elusive as the feelings. This one is more power-pop sounding than yesterday’s selection, but still. Yesterday wasn’t the best day here in the bunker either. Anything could have easily sneaked in. Just the very act of being upright seemed like a defiance of gravity and not good defiance. It was a painful day. The music was light but the mood was heavy and they were mostly unconnected in any meaningful sense. It doesn’t even matter. That was then, and here we are 24 hours later. It’s going to be okay.

I’ll tell you something. I’ve been trying to take this news hiatus, because it all seems so hopeless and dire. It’s not there’s nobody talking about solutions, but the solutions they’re aiming for just seem like Bullshit-Lite, the inevitability of capitalist cannibalism and all that. Someone’s still getting fucked raw, if you know what I mean. It’s not solution they’re discussing. It’s prolonging the pain by lessening just a little. So who really cares? It’s painful to watch.

Yet when I don’t watch there are still bits and pieces that come in over the transom and it’s just enough to be even more frightening. Rather than the monster coming right for you it’s bumping about in the closet or under the bed. You know it’s coming for you. You just don’t know when and after a while you get to thinking it would be easier to just get it done with.

That’s where I am. Afraid to watch. Afraid not to watch. J-pop isn’t going to change my life. Music is barely a distraction at this point. How sad is that?

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