World War III Radio: Operation Hypnosis (A Trip Hop / Beat Mix) (Dec. 10, 2021)


I don’t know. If I randomly start dancing at some point later today then we’ll say, yes. Hypnotic. Until then, we’ll just say it’s another blazing hot mixtape from this guy on Youtube that calls himself The Mix Curator. Do a search and you’ll find his page. Definitely worth exploring. I don’t know much at all about the trip hop genre but it keeps my attention, and attention doesn’t come easily these days. There is a fuck ton of distraction. You can pat yourself on the back if you can get my attention and keep it. I wouldn’t call myself mercurial but my attention is.

And not so oddly, my attention was pulled away from writing this. The music stayed on and in the forefront of my mind, but some other task derailed me.

I’ll leave it at this. I talk too much anyway.

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