World War III Radio: Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle – Goes Underground (1985)

You know, sometimes something comes in over the transom that defies any sense or sense of taste. This one is like that. It’s so weird that turning away is no longer an option. It’s hypnotically strange, and so seems perfect for life here in the bunker. Posting it here isn’t performative. My intent has never been to shock or surprise or present myself as quirky and enigmatic. I promise you that this is entirely for me. Maybe it’s because I did too many drugs back in the 80s. Explain it away any way you like. I’m busy here. Too busy to care what you think.

Life is just that strange though, and maybe we all deserve a soundtrack to reflect that. I was awakened this morning to an extreme weather alert from my mobile phone. It was a tornado warning telling me to immediately seek shelter in the basement. For real! They told me to go to the basement. I just shut my windows because the rain was coming in, and then I went back to bed. Foul weather come as it may.There was another hour before my alarm rang, so whichever came first, tornado or alarm tone. It didn’t matter. There was more sleeping to be done. At least a little.

Fucking tornados.

In Brooklyn.

Not that I haven’t witnessed it a couple times since crossing the bridge back in 1992. It can happen, but is that something to lose sleep over? Not unless it’s a direct hit.

Fucking tornado warning.

For real.

You’ll note, by the way, that I haven’t really discussed the geo-political scene in a while. Or maybe you won’t notice, but I haven’t. It seems pointless. It’s actually as strange as ever and maybe more so. The Queen of England died and people are making a fuss about that. The Russia-Ukraine war is still going on but the papers seem insistent about calling it a conflict, and not a war. What does that mean? A conflict seems more like pissy, angry grannies. People die in wars, and usually in a pretty gruesome way. Many of them don’t die in one piece. Let’s just leave it at that. But if the papers thing a 96 year old woman from dying tradition dying is more important then well who the fuck am I to say anything? Forgive me for sounding insensitive, but I didn’t know her and it seems to me she had a pretty good run, and it doesn’t seem to me that anything about her passing is going to change the world.

I’d like to mention by the way that people used to say back in the day that war is always good for the economy. The Russia-Ukraine war has debunked that bullshit. The economy right now is very, very bad and everyone who isn’t selling weapons is pretty well fucked. Maybe we should pause and consider that.

War is very, very bad for the economy.

Count to ten.

Here’s another thought. War is very, very bad for the sustainability of human life. Sit with that one for a bit. I have to get to work.

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