World War III Radio: Michelle Gurevich – New Decadence (2016)

Michelle Gurevich is another find from the soundtrack of Cracow Monsters, which is a Polish series on Netflix — only 8 episodes though, and I’m halfway into the 7th, so I’m going to be missing it before the weekend. The tone or mood of the show, similar to this album, is part of the appeal. It’s dark and murky. It wades deep into the dark waters, if that makes sense. It’s not cheery pop music. It’s not bubblegum. It’s not feelgood music, unless not feeling good is your thing. I guess that would be me. I’m not about the feelgood. Oh well, sue me. You want a cozier description? Call it a kind of dark, smoky, cabaret vibe.

The best thing about this week so far has been the weather. It’s still a couple degrees above my preferred chill, but it’s cool enough. It’s getting dark around 7 or so and the sun is coming up later. The leaves are just about to drop. There isn’t so much of a showy autumn here in the city. One good rain and those that haven’t fallen will go straight to brown, exposing the skeletal remains of the summer. I’m ready, oh my yes, I’m ready. Bring on the dark. Bring on the chill. I’m ready.

I’m ready.

What’s wrong with me? Hard call. I thought this might change in sobriety, and maybe it would if I’d let it. Are we allowed to hold onto any indulgences from back when? If so, I’ll take this one.

Not much else to say today. Take the musical offering.

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