World War III Radio: Jungle in Gaming Mix [02] // N64, PS1, Dreamcast, & Wii // 1hr Drum and Bass Mix

Going in on another of these drum and bass mixes. It’s a strange comfort, engaging but not all-encompassing. It’s a good vibe. It’s the right energy. There are other times of the day to be entirely immersed in whatever is playing, but early in the day like this it’s not always necessary. Give me vibe over content and it’s going to work. Not always, but for days like these when it’s more difficult to fully connect. Ride it, rather than submerge in it.

Yes, ride it.

The horizon is deep red this morning, fading off into shades of pink/orange, a sherbet sky. What’s the saying about red sky in the morning? Sailor take warning? We shall see. I’m powerless to stop most things that are coming my way today and any day. What do I hold sway over? Stick to that, right?

Stick to that.

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