World War III Radio: Various ‎– Bug Out! Vol 2: 60’s Itchy Twitchy Classics Rock & Roll , R&B , Garage Surf Music Bands

So while we’re on the subject of strange… might as well exhume a few mummified oddities, and this is about as odd as it gets. Let’s just get right to the music:


  • A1 –Johnny Sharp And The Yellow Jackets Bombie
  • A2 –The Galaxies And The Regulars Ride Your Horse
  • A3 –The Dittos Mustard
  • A4 –The Divots Dry Cereal
  • A5 –The Ebbtones We’re Wobbling
  • B1 –Kenny And The Fiends House On Haunted Hill
  • B2 –Barry Wilson And The Camelots The Bug
  • B3 –The Peels Scrooey Mooey
  • B4 –Ricky Tino Twistin’ At The Hop
  • B5 –The Terrible Teens Don’t Stop Now
  • B6 –Mark Damon Party Crashers
  • B7 –Damal & Rasheed Twistin’ In The Tub
  • B8 –Dale Wehba Russian Roulette

This is the first collection I’ve come across in a long time where every last track is entirely new and unfamiliar. There’s usually at least one or two that I’d stumbled across in other collections or anthologies… at least samples! This one is alien terrain. That’s kind of refreshing. It can get boring here in the bunker rehashing and recycling old shit.

I’m not sure how long all this is going to list. I’ll eventually run out of space and either have to end this exercise or pay for more, maybe, if that’s an option. I don’t know how it works. We shall see.

For now..

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