Speaking of boots, man! – Tips for Film Makers

God is in the details, folks and the examples below may be from The Walking Dead, but I’ve seen this so many times. Here’s a tip. The heels and soles of boots nearly always wear out before the leather uppers, especially when you’re trudging through the apocalypse. Since so many of you are so fond of doing that shot where you start at the feet and sweep up for the reveal, you have to be either lazy or hoping we don’t notice new boots.

The Walking Dead is probably the worst culprit. These two shots were from a 60 second check on Google Images. There are countless examples. The only character whose boots age with him, or should I say the only boots that age with the character, are Rick’s Justins.

So unless DSW has survived every apocalypse ever committed to film or television, you guys need to do better.

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