Word of the Day

I’m of a mind that human beings, the human race if you will, isnt so different than a geranium. Growth is limited by the size of the space it resides in. Gardeners would call the flower “pot-bound.” It reaches the limits of its physical boundaries and ceases to grow.

That’s where we are as a race and have been here for a while. We have long since reached capacity and have begun to devolve rather than evolve.

I’m going to apply this to our intellectual, spiritual and emotional pots as well, despite advances in AI and quantum computing. Humans have a hard time conceiving of the true meaning of anything without a physical dimension and boundaries. Infinite is really only just a word, and infinite space also means infinite possibilities, so the very concept is threatening. Infinite possibility is a threat to people who are instinctually protective of their physical dimensions. Uncertainty terrifies us and we still invent gods, demons, bogeymen and theories that manifest to either protect or intimidate.

The concept of true infinity, like a multiversal model, would dictate that the odds of something wonderful equal to the odds of something horrible, yet which do we let run rampant in our heads?


Why not? I realize that the thought of a single infinite dimension can make one feel very small, but we’re all pretty insignificant anyway. It’s just as safe to dream big. To dream infinity.

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