COVID-19, part 64

It was reported yesterday that June 4, 2020 was THE FIRST DAY WITH NO CONFIRMED COVID-19 DEATHS IN NEW YORK SINCE MARCH 11, 2020. Did I exhale? Yes, I did partly. Did I celebrate? Well, no because considering the death toll and damage this is absolutely not the time for celebration. It’s a milestone for sure but we are still living in a very dark moment here outside The Simulation. I’m not ready to slip back into comfortable ignorance and I hope I’m not alone. Shit out here is very real and it needs to be fixed. This can be repeated and repeated. We cannot afford to go “back to normal.” We can’t let all the deaths be for nothing.

I’m still not sure what my role is in this. I’m not sure what the next play is and have no concrete strategy for the long game.

I’m here though. I’m ready to try something new.

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