Radio Quarantine – Zeal and Ardor: Stranger Fruit (2018)

When you listen to how the idea for Zeal and Ardor came about there are two possible reactions. A lot of people will just say ‘fuck that’ and never think about them again. Then there are the curious sorts, like me. But the story as told by band brainchild Manuel Gagneaux:

“The musician had posted on a 4chan message board that he was looking for suggestions of genres he could mash up together to create a new song. One anonymous hater threw out a particularly inflammatory pairing: black metal and “n*gger music,” as Gagneux explained to us last year. 

He accepted the challenge (as an “ultimate fuck-you” to the racist troll), and the results eventually led to Zeal & Ardor’s debut, Devil Is Fine — the first, and, to date, only, entry in the black metal/spirituals genre.” ~ from Revolver Magazine

Stranger Fruit is their second album and in regular rotation on Radio Quarantine. The live footage above is just pure fire.

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