Mental Health Check?

I’ve got my routines and they mostly work but it took a lot of work to find what works. Get the picture? There is no magical pill out there that’s going to do more than keep you from bugging out, and don’t hold your breath waiting for White Jesus. Nothing is going to be that simple.

Exercise does for me what hundreds of hours of therapy and/or 12 Steps meetings don’t. Not that those aren’t in the mix too. I won’t turn my nose up to anything. The only wrong action is inaction. This morning I took extra action.

My personal mental health journey took me down through Sunset Park to the waterfront at Bush Terminal. It was early enough that there were very few people there. Of course the spot that I had chosen to spend some meditation time on, the very end of the pier, was occupied by an “influencer” and her professional iPhone photographer. I say this with some degree of saltiness. Two people, an iPhone and a bunch of pseudo-professional photo shoot props isn’t technically a photo shoot. It’s a couple of twats with an Instagram account. Read the tone here and you know why I needed to work some shit out. But no big deal. Big park. Very few people. Lots of peace. All is right with the world.

My original intent was to bring the dog, but seeing here walk stiff-legged out on her morning rounds was… unpleasant. No way she was doing the long trek. I knew that before, sort of, but was hoping. She is good company. Gave me time to think anyway, and there is plenty to think about. I’ve made a few dodgy decisions and taken some questionable actions, which I may or may not get into in future posts. It’s more the decisions not made though that hold a person down, and that’s where I’d be going with any shares anyway.

For now, enjoy the photos. The view there is tremendous. More importantly for me, it’s about as close as you’re going to get to a horizon in New York. There is plenty of sky still, for now, until they surround the harbor with buildings so tall they steal the sun and air.

Gah! Not going dark with this. It’s been a great day so far.

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