Covidian Philosophy Hour -Life as a Quest – The Antidote to a Wasted Existence

It’s very rare that there’s so little commentary to make on a Youtube video that’s worth reposting, but this one covers a lot of ground in a very short time. The message is crystal. The message resonated deeply with me. There was a part early in where, a quote defining the distinction between being a tourist and an adventurer. So how to best explain how it rang in my belfry?: I am not a tourist. This quest of mine is more than passive observation. It’s not about venturing out, visiting and viewing and returning home unmoved and unchanged from where I was before leaving. Every journey is a quest, taking me further and further out and never again returning to the same “place.” How empty and horrible would life be otherwise. The mission when I move forward every day, whether successful or not, is to find a minimum of one thing or one idea, that changes me forever even in a barely visible way. It sounds so grand and almost pompous but that makes it no less true.

The images that this person doing the Academy of Ideas videos are generally very, very good and appropriate. He really outdid himself on this one though. I can’t really say if it will move you, but it knocked me the hell off my feet.

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