Small Screen Quarantine – Singularity (2017)


It’s right at this moment, in under five minutes into the film, that you know that everyone is going to die. SINGULARITY is entirely unremarkable except for the singular fact that it’s so bad. It could be the worst of the post-Apocalyptic, AI vs. Mankind genre ever made, and that’s saying a lot.

Mechanical dialogue (and not from robots)

Wooden acting.

Hackneyed plot.

Cliche CGI urban futurescapes.

Could have been scripted by high school students in between playing Mario Kart and drawing pictures of ponies with colored pencils.

It’s sort of a bad mash-up of Terminator, Hunger Games and Dawson’s Creek. John Cusack must have needed the money badly.

The thing is, there is no kind of profit in panning art. You don’t gain anything. Maybe it’s fair warning to the next person but odds are a large percentage of people who read “worst ever” are going to see a superlative and go check it out for themselves. It’s more the repetition of an unimaginative premise, combined with shoddy execution that makes it worth a few paragraphs. A faulty premise is bad enough unto itself, but for pete’s sake try to make something of it!

The unimaginative premise, is again, that AI will be our next Tower of Babel. I’m not feeling that at all. I do believe that mankind will destroy itself. It’s already doing a smashing job of it! It’s the environment that will do us in though. It’s so fucking obvious at this point.

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