Radio Quarantine – Abandoned City Music (May 2020 YouTube mix from Cryo Chamber)

But they’re never truly abandoned, are they? We can leave, but…

We get these silly ideas in our heads that once we’re no longer there to witness something, that it somehow ceases to exist. It’s so foolish. That question that people used to ask about trees falling in the forest? That’s not a philosophical question. It’s not even a debate. It’s just foolish self-idolatry. We will come and go, as a race or as individuals, and the world continues to happen as it will. Assuming that this is anything but the case is the real definition of overkill. It would mean we’ve dismissed the significance of every other living thing. We’re brutish, only just smart enough to know that it won’t be gods or death comets that do us in. It will be us, and that’s okay for most other things we share the globe with.

These aren’t morbid, horrible meditations. It just is what it is. Life actually gets pretty light when you’ve surrendered the struggle for immortality. It’s come to me after months of watching dystopian future films and post-apocalyptic entertainment media, that it’s not the end of times that we’re worried about at all. It’s the uncertainty of the in-between times. It’s the space between life as we know it and simply ceasing to exist. Even our meditations on death speak of it, don’t they? It’s not so much missing the people we leave behind as it is fear that there is nothing afterwards for us, and how that might render any hardship we suffer pointless.


I don’t know. I love my life. I love living. There is so much to experience and enjoy every single day and to some extent that includes the pain, or at least the joy of overcoming the pain. I do relish being alive, but there is no way that in the greater scheme of things my life is more meaningful or beautiful than the center of that flower. That flower will do more today to sustain not only itself but it’s own personal ecology than I will. That flower is the bright pink embodiment of giving.

Cryo Chamber nailed this vibe today. It’s funny though that were there no image associated with the video, the compositions could as easily translate to a narrative for the photos I took this morning of the flowers. It will capture what you want it to capture. If I close my eyes it could be the natural vibrations of photosynthesis, or anything. It’s as dark or as uplifting as you want it to be. It could. on another morning, be frightful. Today, not so much.

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