Radio Quarantine -2814 : Discography (2014-2019)

Here’s something to consider. Porgies are pretty tasty fish. They’re also about the easiest fish to catch because you can use pretty much anything for bait. They often put limits on how many you can take in when fishing around the New York area. Without limits, and it’s usually thirty, porgies would be extinct. It’s hard to catch less than thirty. One might think they wake up in the morning with an insatiable desire to be eaten.

Yes, of course there’s an obvious lesson in that. Don’t be a fucking porgy!

Unrelated, except that it’s really the theme of Radio Quarantine, Vaporwave and the like has been easy to digest lately. It’s easier to drop my brain into the groove than to process much else. It’s not to meditate to. It’s to rise up out of meditation from and come back to ready consciousness. This is the bio for 2814: “2814 (stylized in fullwidth characters as 2814[1]) is an English/American collaborative ambient and vaporwave project of the electronic musicians Telepath テレパシー能力者 (stylized as “t e l e p a t h”) and HKE (an abbreviation of the earlier moniker “Hong Kong Express”). The duo are best known for their sophomore album, Birth of a New Day (新しい日の誕生), described by Rolling Stone as “a late night cruise through the cyber-future dream highway.”[2]

This is the music:

It’s not dismissive of the music at all to say that it’s low-commitment. You can dip in and out anywhere along the six hours offered up here without really interrupting anything. There’s a comfort in that. It’s like having a quiet room to go into whenever you’re feeling the need to check out from whatever else is going on.

No, it’s got nothing to do with porgies but the porgy thing came up in meditation. There is definitely a lesson there.

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