Nah, go ahead and test me.

It wasn’t really my intention to repost this anywhere. That’s the thing with memes though. Sometimes they ping some spot in the back of your brain and you save them and let them sit for a bit while you decide what kind of truth and what level of truth is contained therein. This one took a bit but upon consideration there is some misconception that you can’t be a warrior and seek peace beyond the struggle. The two are not mutually exclusive. Deciding to go ahead an put greater weight on peace and serenity is not a surrender. It’s usually a commitment to kicking a little ass, either literally or figuratively. As a fellow online who decided to go the route of religion said (and put on a t-shirt):

“Yeah I’m a Christian, but I got hands.”

You will have to fight for your place in life. Just know that you’re in the right place before you draw a line in the sand and start swinging to defend it. Choose your battles.

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