Radio Quarantine – Danheim: Fridr (Viking Era Songs 2018)

Okay, these musical explorations are taking some strange turns. No shade here! The music itself is absolutely brilliant, but if you’d told teenage MacGregor that he would one day be rising up from a dark morning meditation to Viking songs (complete with hardanger fiddle and drums), he would have given you the finger and taken another hit. Maybe turned up Pink Floyd.

Yet there is a direct path from Pink Floyd to Danheim. Give it a go. The comments on the video are brilliant. “im so happy watching people around the world appriciate our anchient culture up here in the north. (even more than our own people respect ourselves and our culture). in the name of the old gods I thank you for keeping their memory alive. Ni är Välkomna till Sverige, ty, min heliga mark.”

Meditation took me to the place today. It was easy enough to fall into that place, but not so easy to lift myself out. It’s not with a feeling of dread that the day starts, but a sense of disconnectedness from the physical world, or rather the day by day responsibilities. It’s difficult to come back to perspective on its meaningfulness. It’s going to require re-establishing the day by day as simply a practical pursuit. This pays the bills. This buys the groceries. People actually need what’s being sold. It really is all that simple, and yet…

It could all be about the physical disconnection from people. Most of my communication with the world has been electronic and it’s well established that the digital realm doesn’t satisfy hard-wired human needs. Living this way creates a sense of alienation, or maybe it’s not apt to say ‘a sense of.’ Studies have shown that time spent online is directly proportional to happiness and emotional well-being. It isn’t conjecture. It seems like it’s time to venture out a bit more and be human.

How utterly mortifying!

Joking, really. It’s about comfort zones and it’s never a bad idea to venture beyond those boundaries. I’m not an anti-social person but I’ve definitely been indulging my tendencies to remain apart and embrace solitude, and embrace the inner spaces where I used to be afraid to travel. Oh me oh my. Time to take care of other needs. It’s only because this thing… this ability to do this thing by myself… is still so novel and new that it’s so easy to disappear into it. Teenage MacGregor would also be surprised that this ease of mind and peace happened. He wouldn’t admit it, similar to other things he would have considered unspeakable male weakness, but he would be surprised nonetheless.

Progress, not perfection as The Crocodiles are still so fond of saying.

Another comment from the video that just kills me: “MY BEARD JUST GREW ANOTHER BEARD….HAIL ODIN….RAISE MY DRINKING HORN …. SKAL TO ALL”

And with that it looks like it’s time to sack and plunder the modern world.

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