Pandemic Radio: Moderator – The Mosaics (2019)

I’m just riding the algorithms out here on the intertoobz and they’ve brought me back to Athens and more jams from MODERATOR. This dude can do no wrong. God only knows where he’s getting these samples from or how he puts them back together the way he does but he’s doing it. Mosaics is probably the most appropriate descriptor. All these broken pieces, but… a whole picture.

It was a sticky night and now it’s sliding into a sticky morning. It’s more than the rain overnight. Everything felt tacky and grimy even before the rain started to fall. It’s… dank. Dank is a good word.

I’m totally out of my flow, still. It’s an unsettled feeling. Going to just leave it here with the music. It’s really more than enough but it’s going to have to be.

As an aside to everything, by the way, I’ve finally gotten around to Season 10 of The Walking Dead. There isn’t much to say about that either. It’s been 22 episodes of terrible. I may have to just leave it alone altogether but it feels like it’s so bad that it needs to be addressed. Damn shame they couldn’t have found a way to wrap it up before it went this far south. It’s never been my favorite but now… ugh.


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