Radio Quarantine -LoFi House Mix 2000 | The Stoner House Edition IV by Katarakt

Mmmhmmmm… we’ll take this mix today. It’s right about where my head is at for now, midweek and moving ahead. The images are all from the SAMSARA film series so all compelling but imagine National Geographic with only photos. Do people read the articles anyway? Always seemed to me to be more like Playboy; people only pretend the articles are good. Anyway… the soundtrack is better than the film series. Sorry…

The heat is due to break in a few days but what’s the use in sweating it? (see what i did there?) No real plans for the weekend and nowhere to go but it’s a few days away anyway, so why not just chill for now? Something will get me fired up at some point, I’m sure. Ups and downs. It’s all ups and downs but that’s okay. Life isn’t about being carefree. I’m suspicious of people who say they’re carefree. My first thought is, really? You can look around you at all this and be unbothered? What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you a psychopath? Okay, whatever. I’m not carefree but I’m okay. I’ve got my big boy pants on and it’s okay. As for you, if you’re not outraged then you’re not really paying attention.

Sounds judgmental because it is.

Reading that back it sounds angry, but don’t get it twisted. That’s not where my head is at. Oh shit, I forgot the music!

The challenge for today, for me at least. Find something to care about and think of ways to be in the solution. The first part is easy. The second, not so much.

Just think of a way to do something more than sit around and sweat and generate waste.

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