Radio Quarantine -Dark Jazz / Doom Jazz – Mix by Noches de Insomnio

Photo by Manuel Alejandro Venegas Bonilla of Santiago, Chile.

DOOM JAZZ, or dark jazz or jazz noir… Didn’t even know it was a thing but I suppose it fits into that paradigm, that if you can conceive of something then by the law of sheer numbers, it exists in some defined form on the internet. Put two words together, search them, and it’s there.

“Doom jazz is a form of music that combines the slow tempos, and sense of despair of doom metal with jazz style and sensibility. The music usually conveys an aura of pessimistic introspection, and many of the artists incorporate dark ambient influences into their music.” Okay.

We’ll take it. The mix seems to fit the vibe for early morning hours on a drizzly morning. It may be one of those cases where the vibe amplifies the climate, rather than vice versa which is usually how it strikes me. Very few mornings are truly this dark and foreboding. Hell, nobody would get out of bed were it so.


  • 00:00 Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones – Mia outarde bondon
  • 05:55 Senketsu No Night Club – Akuma No Ishi
  • 10:46 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Sabbat Schwarzer Highway
  • 19:00 The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections – Leaving Big Sigh Of City Behind…
  • 26:21 Aging – Doused In The Moon
  • 36:55 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Dangerflirt Mit Der Schlägerbitch
  • 43:03 Joel Fausto & Illusion Orchestra – Wicked White Dress
  • 48:24 Detour Doom Project – Midnight Queen In Black Nylon Stockings
  • 54:18 The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections – Love In Hyperspace
  • 1:03:09 Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dicataphones – Ignescence Black-bass Recule
  • 1:10:15 Senketsu No Night Club – Shikkoku
  • 1:16:30 Junkyard Shaman – The Water & The Well
  • 1:27:47 Detour Doom Project – cadillac’s bones

There will be few warmer weekend days left now at this point in the summer, at least fewer that can be relied upon. It was nice to spend one of them at the beach yesterday, down on the Russian Riviera of Brighton Beach. The sea water was lukewarm and easy. The breeze kept us from roasting and there weren’t too too many people. Everyone seemed relaxed and that’s something I haven’t witnessed much of, not even at the shore. People have been generally angsty and weird, but yesterday afternoon was an oasis of… not quite calm. Just easy. Maybe resignation in all the uncertainty? It was nice. We sat up at one of the boardwalk restaurants, Tatiana’s, as the day drew to a close and ate pickled fish and cold appetizers. Like the day, light and easy. No worries.

No worries.

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