Small Screen Quarantine – Robot Sex (short film)

This one puts a whole new level onto THE TURING TEST.

I can’t figure out a way to embed the video so you’re going to have to decide from the images above if you want to view a 15 minute film called ROBOT SEX.

Yes, it’s ridiculous, but it goes back to something I said months ago about mankind’s relationship with technology. The first considerations when building robots fall into a few simple categories:

  • Can I use it to kill and wield power?
  • Will it feed me?
  • Will it save me from having to work?
  • Can I fuck it?

This is not necessarily the order of priorities either. All this aside, the film is funny as hell if you like dark humor. There are a few other key elements, i.e. how a man can be consumed by the obsession to be right…

More than that though… more than sex… this short film, in a very small space examines the folly of our ideas of perfection, and what makes the perfect being/partner/friend/lover. Are we even intelligent enough to conceive of something better than what we are? It takes a hard look at the delusions we operate with and our impossible expectations of each other, and of happiness with each other.

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