Radio Quarantine – Gasoline:A Journey Into Abstract Hip-Hop (2002)

Dark jazz, jazz noir, hip-hop, trip-hop… It’s dark, moody, and feels like the clock has rolled back a few hours and it’s still the middle of the night. I don’t know how else to describe it. French pop music has often eluded me but they seem to have a real affinity for hip-hop. A lot of the other stuff I hear from France sounds like EuroVision contestants. To be fair my exposure to other-than-English pop music is fairly limited, so… This shit is the world though. Reading up, it seems to be not an artist but a collection of artists and DJ’s put together by a single producer. Or a collective? They have a groove going with it.

Odd mood, or an odd morning and not much else to say. It’s been that way this week. grinding away toward the end of summer. Time to switch up routines and jump start the brain, I guess. There is no shortage of inspiration so it’s a question of motivation. It’s a liminal space now, kind of between seasons in a way, and in between moods. Even the quiet moods… no wait… this isn’t a quiet mood… Let’s just say these in-between spaces need soundtracks too, and this space has a low-key sinister vibe so the music fits perfectly. Stand-out track for me is 12, called We Don’t Play.

[00:00:00] 01. Introduction Of A Jedi [00:02:32] 02. The Hardest [00:06:34] 03. Geisya Featuring Maki [00:11:35] 04. Diesel Ride [00:15:25] 05. El Rasla [00:18:46] 06. 48 Heures [00:21:30] 07. Dragun’z Invasion (One Shot Take Live) [00:25:35] 08. Same People [00:29:33] 09. Chicago’s Nites [00:34:04] 10. Downtown Beirut [00:39:13] 11. Neighbours In My Room [00:45:19] 12. We Don’t Play [00:49:21] 13. Ya All Ear? [00:51:42] 14. On The Run [00:56:57] 15. Shadows [01:00:17] 16. Da Truth [01:05:32] 17. All Tek

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