Radio Quarantine -Music for Goths (Dark Wave, Post-Punk, Cold Wave…)

Who even knows what year it is? Maybe 1985, or 2016? Yesterday? It’s hard to say anymore. Artists have always been time travelers so it’s a hard call. It’s how the pandemic has felt anyway. Space and time have felt a little wonky. Some days it feels like the last five months just disappeared, like falling asleep one night in late March and waking up at the end of summer. Others it feels like five years have passed. Maybe it’s just me. My perception of time passing has always been off.

I’ve no idea who any of these bands are. The names seem vaguely familiar. The sound is more than familiar. It’s 2am in any number of nights in dark clubs in the 80s, a lifetime ago, and sometimes it seems like someone else’s lifetime and sometimes it feels like last night. Then the sun came up and I was right here, tired and not ready to start a day and not ready to sleep it off. The morning sun seemed too bright. It’s an alien sun after a night like this. It’s a post-apocalyptic desert sun, judgmental and unforgiving. The kind of sun where you want to roll the clock back a few hours so you can get a running start. You want to be like a boy in a sandlot baseball game shouting DO-OVER! There are no do-overs in real life.

It’s that kind of vibe. Whoever these people are… whoever put together this mix… dipped back into the past and brought it back with them. Indiana Jones in black leather and chrome and eyeliner. The Temple of Doomer…

The Tracklist:

00:00 Drab Majesty – Cold Souls 05:24 She Past Away – Sonbahar 09:32 TWINS – Stuck 13:10 Skeleton Hands – Oxygen 19:02 Lebanon Hanover – Du Scrollst 22:06 The Soft Moon – Wasting 27:34 The Frozen Autumn – Is Everything Real 34:34 Tropic Of Cancer – More Alone 38:18 Sally Dige – It’s You I’m Thinking Of 42:23 Pleasure Symbols – Image Reflected 46:55 SCHONWALD – rays 50:48 Figure Study – Interaction 54:58 Buzz Kull – Dreams 59:08 YusYus – Just a Dream 01:03:55 Dolina – Sorrow 01:08:19 Deus Faust – Moonbathing 01:12:05 La Scaltra – Sonar Dance 01:17:48 Kælan Mikla – Orad 01:23:02 Tearful Moon – Anxiety 01:27:07 Double Echo – Felix & Tantrum

Who the hell are these people? I don’t know. I’m in a weird mood this morning. Totally not ready for this day. I’ve had a lot of practice shifting gears and moving back into the lane though. It’s not new to me.

Ghosts! Maybe they’re ghosts. Or maybe I’m the ghost and I’ve got it ghost-ass backwards and it’s me haunting their mortal world.

Or not.

Time to rev it up though. Time to move.

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