Radio Quarantine – Nun: The Dome & Pyrrhic: Present Tense

I hadn’t really given any thought to slamming down a two-fer but it started with Pyrrhic and then fell backwards through Google into Nun. It didn’t seem to make sense to break them up, with Pyrrhic being an offshoot of the other. The sound is sufficiently dissimilar to keep it from redundancy but they suit each other, so what the hell. Nun has more direct connection to their 80s, synth-pop/punk roots, perhaps.

It’s been a weird day, if the truth were told. There’s been a dull ache in my head and exhaustion set in midway through the afternoon. My health has been cracking fucking good for a few months now after the unsteady spell over the winter into the spring, but perhaps a relapse or a flare-up? It’s hard to tell. It may just be the exhaustion of trying to be present for the people falling apart around me. It could be the heat. Blah blah… Wait a day or so and if it’s the same or worse, go check it. I’m too old to fuck around.

There are a lot of people around me going into their respective spins. I opened the laptop with the intention of trying to sort some of it out by writing but I’m not ready. I’m not sure what to make of it and how much gravity to give it all. It’s just not ready.

Let’s just leave it with the music for right now. It’s enough.

It is funny though that this post-punk thing is happening all over the world in pockets. These guys are from Australia, so a bit of a change from the dark, dour Eastern Europeans.

How do you write a shrug? I guess I’ll just say that nothing in my realm of experience accounts for the resurgence of all these sounds. I just don’t know.

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