Radio Quarantine – Heilung – Lifa

No sense even playing. This shit will twist your head, It’s bizarre, mushroom-eating, proto-Germanic madness and it’s fucking brilliant.

“Remember, that we all are brothers All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind We all descend from the one great being That was always there Before people lived and named it Before the first seed sprouted.”

And one could think that’s how it is or should be. I don’t know if I will ever believe in one great being but I do believe that at the core of our matter and everything that matters, we all spring from the same cosmic trash. Would we get along better if we all came to accept this? Probably not, because most of us believe in our own terminal uniqueness and that we are owed a reward based on that.

Sounds misanthropic but it’s not quite. I’m not quite. I think we’ve all just forgotten. It’s more a lament than a condemnation. I want more for us, from us.

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