Radio Quarantine -Danheim – Mannavegr (2017)

If the trees of some northern forest had a party, and invited the rivers, it might sound like DANHEIM, the Nordic Folk/Ambient mash-up from Danish musician/producer Mike Schæfer Olsen. I’m not quite how else to explain the sound otherwise so I’m not even going to try. Primal drums and chants over a bed of ambient drone, horns and didgeridoo and hardanger fiddle music… Hell, if it works, run with it, and it does work.

It’s a rainy morning in Brooklyn and car tires are hissing on the road outside. We are sliding down into autumn and man, I am ready. Maybe that’s why Danheim hooked me this morning. It’s a longing for deep forests and hills and the smell of damp earth. Maybe some fireplace smoke from a distant cabin across the valley. Yes, I am ready.

I am ready.

Am I the only person that longs for old style, cold winters and the crunch of ice beneath my boots? Are there other people who celebrate the time of year when it gets dark earlier? There must be, but none of them talk about it. Maybe they’re hoping to keep the shadows and silence to themselves.

I’ve precious little to say this morning. My thoughts are foggy. Coffee isn’t working yet. Maybe it just won’t. Some days are like that. I don’t mind. If you’ve found your way here, enjoy the music. It’s different.

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