Radio Quarantine -Danki | @ Hauptsache Es Klatscht 15.11.2014

2014 Dark Techno Mix – Youtube

Another grinding techno mix for the grind… Still nothing much to say. No questions but cant you hear the machine? Yes, I do. I really do.

Dude is crushing this one. It’s an hour and a half plus of hard, fast beats and chaotic electro breakbeats and industrial noise. It’s a demolition zone. Old factories and foundries and forges, with semi-human broadcasts, unintelligible and ominous, and gas explosions. It’s the sounds of a failing world. Maybe ours.

It’s a mood.

Butted up on the weekend again. The city behind me is starting to open up. Some people are slowly going back to their offices and such, but most of us who are still working are still doing it from home. The tedium is crushing but the thought of getting back to what we were doing is unimaginable to me. It will happen certainly and soon enough but it’s going to be a grin and bear it situation. The thought of rush hour trains when there’s still people with collapsing lungs is… strange. It is going to happen though. 200,000, I believe, is the US death toll now. That’s a devastating number for six months time, yet people are talking less about the numbers unless they’re the ones looking for political traction. It’s like people can’t wrap their heads around the numbers. It’s a fucking catastrophe.

But we wake up in the morning and go about our business/es and that’s just the way it is. The outdoor dining areas will be packed again this weekend. Waiters and waitresses will be waiting. People will be dining and drinking, and willfully ignoring the numbers. Maybe that’s the best way to do it. Life is short and if that wasn’t apparent before it is now. Maybe it’s best just to ignore death and carry on until you get the tap. I don’t know.

There’s a soundtrack for all of it though. The artists prepared in advance and filed it all under imminent disaster.

That’s where we are this morning.

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