Radio Quarantine -Bjorn Torwellen | Reloading Podcast Chapter 157

2013 Youtube Set

It was very close to being a vaporwave day but the image captured me and this BJORN TORWELLEN guy has a monster set here. The industrial dystopia vibe is a perfect match for the season and the bizarre, fucked up headlines this week. It was bad enough when DHS has children in cages but the news of forced sterilizations at the detention facilities is just twisted. I’ve never been big on Nazi comparisons but we have tilted far into that realm these last couple years. The headline alone made my stomach knot. It’s pretty much the fucking creepiest thing I’ve seen or heard in a long time, and that’s saying something in 2020. So, it’s back to a vibe more appropriate for these times.

It’s strange that they’re still able to catch me off guard. This is nothing new to me. Yet you often wonder just how boldly horrible and low they can go. The verdict is in: If you can think of something really terrifying, it’s probably already happening. Everything the extreme right accuses the left of, they get caught doing. It makes me wonder about the occult cannibalism stories they’re pushing these last couple years. There are perpetual rumors that Hillary Clinton, Obama, George Soros and company are eating the flesh of children… so… I don’t even want to think it but so far it’s come to pass that every time they level an accusation, they are deep into it themselves.

And I’m stuck on a long pause here, just pondering how deep and dark shit has gotten here in The United States of Dystopia. There was a viral video earlier this week of a group of twenty or so young white people marching into a department store with an anti-mask protest. It’s incomprehensible to me that with everything going on in the world that they’ve chosen to protest safety precautions during a pandemic. There is all this talk about the oppression of white people and Marxist indoctrination and all kinds of bullshit. It could almost be funny if it weren’t true. We are in the Generation of Idiots.

Okay… I can sit and dwell, or I can do something productive with my day. I’ve got a fierce, thumping soundtrack to move my old bones while I go about my business.

Good luck with your day.

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