Around the neighborhood

People staying busy still.

Having trouble today picking up on the right frequency. There is some sort of internal interference mucking about with my ability to connect to a sound or a vibe. Lack of sleep maybe or just too many doomsday headlines, or a combination of both and maybe more. I’ve got a minimal/dark techno mix on and it’s pure fire but it’s still not grabbing me. I’ll throw it up because I’m going to want to revisit it at some point.

Auch der Teufel hört Techno ( Dark & Techno Set ) wat stoni mohoni 2016

And any photo of Danny Trejo looking like he’s about to go on a vengeance spree works for me.

The weather has dipped well down into autumn regions this morning. Few people were out earlier when we were on our rounds. Other early dog walkers. Night shift types coming home. Maybe a walk of shame person. Fewer the better really. That’s the advantage of being an early riser. You get the morning mostly to yourself. It’s not a question of being anti-social. It’s just the rare quiet. There isn’t a lot of quiet in any city and it’s been a loud summer. There was more than a month of pre-Independence Day fireworks. The young men have picked up on the suburban white kid trend of straight pipes and douche-popping with their cars so it’s been months of gunshot sounds and mufflerless roars. I get it. It’s just the desperate ego echo shouting I am here I am here I am here. It’s still bothersome.

I sound like a crabby, unsettled old man today.

I’m going to stop for now.

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