Radio Quarantine -UNMENSCH | @ Elektrokuche 11.10.2015

I’ve decided that despite how appropriate it is for the times, and how much I enjoy it, minimal techno is really kind of obnoxious. German minimal techno in particular is especially obnoxious. That’s probably what makes it the perfect soundtrack for 2020. This has been an obnoxious years, and you’ll find if you go back in my blogs and diaries that I didn’t think much of prior years but this one tops it. My own writing shows a straight trajectory into the shitter, if not for only for me, then for the human race in general. If 2020 could be summed up with one question it would be…

Are you fucking kidding me?

But there is, in fact, a soundtrack:

And the soundtrack is a monster. I’m going to have to get a device to play this through bigger speakers. That goes for all the music I’ve been exploring actually. I need more bass. Not cowbell, but devastating bass.

Out there in the world, shit lit up in Louisville last night when no murder indictments came through for the filth that killed Brionna Taylor. It’s not that anyone truly expected it. That would mean justice, and we the people are not about justice. The city, until a new law was passed after this tragedy, allowed (by law) no knock warrants to enter and search homes. They went in unannounced, got fired upon, and damn near leveled the building and killing an innocent woman. That it was legal to break down the door unannounced automatically exonerated the cops for anything that followed.


So last night during the protests, someone started trying to off cops with a gun.

Hold steady folks. These are going to be ugly times for everyone.

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