Radio Quarantine -Autumn Mix ’20 [Lofi / Jazz Hop / Chillhop]

September 2020 Mix by The Jazz Hop Cafe

Appropriately released on the first full day of autumn, this Jazz Hop Cafe does it all. Even the image puts me exactly where I want to be. Lofi works for me today. The leaves here in the city haven’t started to change yet, and it is a bit warmer than last week but that won’t last long. Am I the only person in town hoping for a cold winter? Hoping for snow? It’s in my head, most likely, but it has always seemed that there is more poetry in autumn and winter than the other seasons. People carry on endlessly about spring, and of course the summer mythos, but they don’t do it for me. The quiet of the colder seasons moves me. This mix moves me. Slowly…

I still haven’t really gotten away and it’s not happening this weekend. Lack of planning is going to waste away the autumn and we can’t have that. I have to make it happen, so it’s time to check for places to stay and timing. It would be nice to see the leaves changing color in the Hudson Valley. Even considered and dismissed the idea of a travel companion. It’s not conversation that interests me. Quite the opposite, it’s just about me and quieting my big head.


  • 00:00 Konse84 – Undo
  • *02:00 MAXGONZ – Fresh
  • 05:43 nitsua – lovely lavender
  • 08:20 C4C – Beaumont
  • 10:49 Karmawin – Underseas Glow
  • 14:08 Vyn & Laevi – Hunny
  • 16:23 Thomas Stratt – Weeping Willow
  • 19:10 Ouska – Homies
  • *21:44 Soulwanderer – Doorduwen
  • 23:43 Ningen & Pointy Features – Astral (Ft. Seagull)
  • 26:53 Phlocalyst & Pixie Dust – Café Noir
  • 29:00 Jaime Hinckson & Soundminerz – All Good
  • 32:22 frad & Elijah Lee – when i think of you
  • 35:08 no one’s perfect & kanisan – horizons
  • 37:46 Rajstar – dreaming in blue
  • 39:20 C4C – Langenbruck
  • 42:44 Pryces – Level
  • 45:17 jule. – early.

It’s a beautiful day. There is nothing more really to say about it.

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