Radio Quarantine -Atmospheric Dub Techno Mix – Ambient and Chill

2018 Youtube Compilation from Harrison Divecha

This was another one chosen from Youtube suggestions solely on the image. It ticked something in my head and caught me. The comp/mix itself is pretty special. It’s a good early morning vibe that demands revisiting, so it’s here for now.

The forecasted rain is just settling in, as… well, as forecasted and right on time. Those gun metal clouds I love so much came in overnight. They mean peace, for me. Others resonate in vibrant blues and greens. It’s gray for me and maybe that says something but maybe it just relaxes me. Why should I question it when I’ve found what works?

Time is running short this morning. I’d wanted to get up earlier and do some things before work crashed in. That didn’t happen… but there is the music, and this is going to help.


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