Radio Quarantine -Minuit Machine – Violent Rains (2015)

Funny, to live simultaneously at countless different points in history. That’s not often the glue I get stuck in but it happens now and then.

It happens.

Now I suppose were I truly reporting this story, my story as it were, I would go on to describe exactly what points in time I’m referring too. That’s not going to be part of today’s story though. This isn’t going to be a confessional today. Suffice to say it’s a bucket of doubts. Things that might have been done differently or said differently that might have or might not have changed outcomes. This is the stuff that you can file away but never really let go of. It’s like stuffing shit into the back of the closet and when you go to get something else out it all topples out onto you. Then you clean it up again, throw some out if you can, and stow the rest back where you had it.

Silly shit. You can’t always let go and forget about things entirely. Memory is sticky and persistent.

MINUIT MACHINE is like a box of old letters and mementos from the 80s. Not the stuff that’s hard to look at but maybe you’ve forgotten it for a bit. You bring the box out and sift through it and maybe smile a bit, and it might dredge up other stuff too… but whatever. It’s a bit of nostalgia. You take the regret with the pleasant memories.

What do I miss from back then? If you had asked me in 1985 if I would miss any of it I would have laughed in your face, but then I learned better. It was a lot more simple than it felt at the time. There was a lot less responsibility. There was nothing really to regret. Very few decisions had any lasting impact, despite that they felt so dire and vital at the time.

Funny how that works.

I’ve had this album playing off and on for days now. So maybe that says more than anything else.

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